The End of an Era
The End of an Era

Once upon a time there was a football team that had been the best in the world. They had won all the titles they had contested, and not just once-they had dominated Europe for years. Then one day it changed.  The team became weaker and weaker, until, although they still had the same players, whose quality and strength had brought the team to the top, they were not the best anymore. 

This is what happened to Barça, and although the focus of most of people (including Barça supporters) has been on the World Cup, we are aware that winds of change are swirling around the club, and a lot of tough decisions have to be taken, in order to provide the team with the quality needed.

I can say with confidence that most Barça fans agree that this is an end of an era.  It means that a lot of people from Barça should think about their futures, not only the players but also the managers. It looks as if the main board has decided that the problem is solely on the pitch. The managers and the President do not want to look in the mirror and accept that since they arrived at the Club, its progress has not only stalled, but gone into reverse. Moreover, whilst some are quick to forget, the main responsibility for this disaster lies with someone who ran away six months ago without giving any reason. This is unacceptable especially for the members of Barça.

Therefore, the Club needs to refresh and rejuvenate the main board; although there are new players on the pitch, and a new coach, the members of Barça want to see new faces when they glance at the executive box at Camp Nou. The current inhabitants have already shown that they are incapable of managing the situation.

Barça have said that they want to build the new team around Messi; I hope that they will also include players such as Iniesta in their plans; each needs the other in order to perform at their fullest capacity.

Let’s see what happens this coming season, let’s see how Luis Enrique manages the team and if he is able to make the most of each player, and build the new team with the new faces that have just arrived, and also the ones that are coming soon. Hopefully most of the players will be feeling wounded at not securing the World Cup and will be hungry to win titles with Barça.  We hope that they will be resolute in their pursuit of success, until Barça are champions without peer once again.

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